Here you can all players bans.
It shows all player punishment reason, expire time, player name, admin name

Type ID Player Admin Reason Expire
Ban160 riksood2 K2l3mDaily grinderPermanent
Ban159 G3pard2010 K2l3mDaily grinderPermanent
Ban158 G3pard20107 K2l3mDaily grinderPermanent
Ban157 G3pard20108 K2l3mDaily grinderPermanent
Ban156 G3pard20108 K2l3mDaily grinderEXPIRED
Ban155 DayMa25 Mr5ecretUsed creative and used it unfairly!EXPIRED
Ban154 aaron12333 Mr5ecretSUS with hackerPermanent
Ban153 JackTheAss ConsoleThe Ban Hammer has spoken!Permanent
Ban113 MrBob9191 MaxxolenIf you have problem, then open ticket.EXPIRED
Ban112 dupe Lukats_dupePermanent
Ban111 aabf Lukats_dupePermanent
Ban110 dupe Lukats_aabfEXPIRED
Ban109 CatGirl_1337 Lukats_dupeEXPIRED
Ban108 LifeOnLoop Eltsu19Flying hackEXPIRED
Ban107 CatGirl_1337 Maxxolenopen ticket if you have problemEXPIRED
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