Here you can all players mutes.
It shows all player punishment reason, player name, admin name.

Type ID Player Admin Reason Expire
Mutes15 Dark_lynch ConsoleRules nr. 2.1,2.3,2.5EXPIRED
Mutes14 Evert8 Mr5ecretSpammingEXPIRED
Mutes13 z0w1e1 Mr5ecretSpammingEXPIRED
Mutes13 5n0w1e Mr5ecretSpammingEXPIRED
Mutes12 RealPutrick Mr5ecretSpammingEXPIRED
Mutes11 Faze_Flyod MaxxolenSpammingEXPIRED
Mutes10 stepbrojonesy MartenKeep track of your vocabulary!EXPIRED
Mutes7 Faze_Flyod Mr5ecretSpammingEXPIRED
Mutes6 hopzyy z0w1e10EXPIRED
Mutes5 vCore Bluueeexjuhtkonna solvamineEXPIRED
Mutes4 Keanu fungusSpammingEXPIRED
Mutes3 Keanutree TronityRahuEXPIRED
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